Hi :)

Mar 6 2024. Wednesday. SF.

You're probably wondering what is Start with Day One.

I gave a very brief intro in Day 001.

TLDR: It's a public journal lasting 20,088 days.

But here's some more context:

I decided to journal consistently when I turned 21 years old.
Since then, I have filled up 10+ black journals.
One per year for more than a decade.
It's filled with many, many failed ideas.
And many, many more ideas that remained either unfinished,

or I didn't even start them.

My journals :)

So, I decided to change things up when I turned 33 yrs old.

That's today btw :)

I told myself that I will commit to a super long term project.

And somehow, Start with Day One just fell from the sky.

I will begin to keep a public journal.

I write everyday anyway.

And, this project will last 20,088 days.

That's precisely 55 years later.

Why 55 years?

It's simple. I share the same birthday as Michelangelo.

He's sorta like a patron saint of mine.

He died at 88 years old.

If that's good enough for him, it's good enough for me.

I hope to see you until day 20,088 :)