Day 108

Content in the 2020s.

July 02 2024. Tuesday. SF.

I noticed that so much of content in the 2020s is all about inspiring people to pursue whatever it is that they want in life. Someone who wants to be a filmmaker usually doesn't go and make films. Their films are about making short films about wanting to make films and encouraging others to do so. I find the same trend with writers as well.

I noticed that people often wonder if I look down on this when I express this observation. I find nothing wrong with this sort of content — people should express themselves in different ways and some of the stuff out there are pretty good.

I only wonder if this says something more about the state of our society. Has it always been that people lacked the inspiration and opportunities to go all in on their dreams, but now we just have platforms to express this at mass? Or something changed that in the recent decades that our world does lack those things in absolute terms?