Day 099

Tidying up.

June 23 2024. Sunday. SJ.

Chaos can be like a drip of water onto paper, spreading fast or slow depending on how much water there was.

It's neither good or bad. But I was having too much of it in my life.

I spent the day just tidying up little things to help.

I tidied up my room. I organized my books that were scattered everywhere.

I tidied up my training schedule to something more realistic:

  • 5 days/week of jiu jitsu.

  • only 2 heavy compound lifts at much lower rep ranges per week.

  • 90 of steady cardio per week into steady 20-30 minute chunks.

  • various wrestling friendly workout in between.

Then perhaps the thing I'm most happy about is the shuffle function I added to my site.

Now I can shuffle through random pages by clicking the shuffle icon on the home page.