Day 098

3 books. 3 movies. 3 albums.

June 22 2024. Saturday. SJ.


I have been toying with this idea of re-reading and studying the same few things over and over again this remaining year.

People immerse in the same subjects for decades. They get deep into it. I mean, I was wanting to do that for philosophy/history of physics.

I did do that I suppose: for about 4 years during college obsessing over the same problems.

But there's something different about:

  • re-reading the same 3 books for the rest of the year.

  • re-watching the same 3 movies for the rest of the year.

  • and not letting yourself read/watch anything else.

Maybe it shouldn't be as draconian as not permitting my self to read/watch anything else.

But the idea is that I would live and breathe those chosen books and movies.

I could even add 3 albums to the list.

And what if I did only allow myself these 9 things?

I wonder how it would change how I view the world — as if I could gain a special lens.

This would be an interesting experiment for sure.