Day 096

Extra 12 hours.

June 20 2024. Thursday. SF.


I'm never sure about waking up like this.

Endless vivid dreams with new faces I know I've never met before last night.

I exchanged so many exhausting conversations with them that I lived an extra 12 hour day just in my sleep.

I don't set alarms. Not usually anyway, but somehow I had an intuition that one was needed.

Well, thank goodness for it. The alarm ended the second life, that weird timeline. But my body was still dead asleep, and my mind had to force that dual nature to move and wake and rise.

I don't understand the nature of dreams. I'm a dreamer in a literal sense. I once scaled a mountain with an army over a 6 day dream state.

What was the meaning of that...?

And when the dreams repeat with consistency, I begin to wonder everything about the simulacrum.