Day 093

remaining simple for as long as possible.

June 17 2024. Monday. SF.


I've been told to grow up.

I've been told to stay as a kid forever.

People mean different things by each sentence. But what I've realized is that it's not so much that I need to grow up or remain as a kid.

I have read about so many people like Steve Jobs, Charlie Munger, and various business types who were really "obsessed with simplicity."

I thought it was cool, but it never quite resonated with me until learning more about two specific people:

Haruki Murakami the novelist, and Dan Gable the wrestler.

These two lived a very simple life. One structured his entire life around writing. The other lived to wrestle.

They didn't contemplate much about it — it's what they wanted, and they just went after it, day by day.

There wasn't a whole lot of noise in their lives. Well...Dan Gable's sister was actually murdered when he was a teenager.

And such is life. It can already be complicated, filled with random tragedies, random acts of violence by humans or nature, or many things that are just outside of our control.

But to remain a kid is to see life without much overthinking, I suppose.

Trying to keep your schedule open and filled with the very thing you want to do. Or rather, you try to finish other things to get to the thing you want to do. Something to *not* think too much about. It would defeat the entire purpose.