Day 089

Hands-On Agronomy.

June 13 2024. Thursday. SF.

I just purchased Neal Kinsey's Hands-On Agronomy.

I haven't been this excited about a book for a while. I ripped through the packaging as soon as I got the delivery.

There's a book list that I've been slowly building on the topic of agriculture ever since I started reading Wendell Berry's essays about soil management.

I'm disturbed by how little I know about growing food. Not just random plants here and there, but enough to feed my own family one day.

Yeah, society is ultimately dependent on each other for a lot of different things: food, power/electricity, sanitation, transportation (like roads), etc.

However, what happens when you're so far removed from the fundamentals of making something and you don't quite trust those making the very things you need to live?

I suppose the answer really is — start with making the most basic things you need.