Day 077

Balance of Training.

June 01 2024. Saturday. SJ.

Jiu Jitsu training is back up to 4 times a week now.

This is probably the best training frequency, at least for now.

I dropped it back to 2/week last 1.5 years and what I've observed is that:

  1. It wasn't enough to make any real progress in skills.

  2. It didn't challenge me physically enough: so basically I would just show up, get sore, but not actually get in wrestling shape.

It's one of those things where the more I do it, the more pleasure I get from it.

I think in many ways, I'm a very physical person.

A physical animal.

I've never felt quite right with how the modern world obsesses over what is produced solely by the mind.

I think about the phrase "software is eating up the world" and how that relates to our fetish...

It's an aesthetic in itself too, I suppose. But also the death of another aesthetic.

The mind can understand wisdom through experience.

But experience is also a physical thing.

There's wisdom in the body.