Day 074

the sane mind.

May 29 2024. Wednesday. SF + SJ.

the sane mind is the taut string from a ball of yarn.

here is Jay Alfred's mind. it is a straight line. it is simple.

here is Jay at ten years old. time is unwinding the yarn.

now the string is longer. but the string stays tight.

Jay is happy. look here at his family: mum and dad.

mum looks happy. dad looks happy.

there is no judge in the world. there's only time.

earth turns with time.

Jay's yarn turns with time.

mum's yarn turns with time.

dadsyarnturnw ith time.

Jay is ten years older. Jaynoticeshis string of yarn.

look again at his family: mum and brother and brother.

dad's yarn was blue. mum's yarn is white.

brother and brother's yarns are blue.

the sun bleaches the yarn. turns red yarn into white.

turns green yarn into white. all the good yarn turns into white.

no one sees this except Jay. Jay's dad. Jay's brother and brother.

the ball of blue yarn rolls across beginning and end.

zig and zag. forming knots. circling loops. building a maze.