Day 065

Expectations vs. Abilities.

May 20 2024. Monday. SJ.

It's interesting talking to people who are about 25+ years old.

(I'm part of that group).

By that time, some boxes are checked:

[x] graduate college.

[x] land in a profession.

[x] some experience with serious relationships.

These are probably some of the most important milestones for the modern person.

I think every one of these things build too strong of an expectation.

And expectations are harder to get rid of than biases.

Biases are learned through culture, family, and experiences.

But expectations are molded by all of that but with experiences that are deep and personal.

At least that's my bias.

Anyway, I think because of that, it makes it harder and harder to try out new things.

Those boxes weren't checked without some work, and that work becomes a yardstick of some random set of "abilities."

I don't know.

I never want to check any boxes.

I want to at least leave these unchecked. It's never ending.

[] explore the world.

[] re-imagine myself.

[] re-invent myself.