Day 060

A Pigeon and a Future Novelist.

May 15 2024. Wednesday. SJ.

Currently reading "Novelist as a Vocation" by Haruki Murakami.

There are so many things in life we just don't understand, especially things that are metaphorical. Murakami finished writing his first ever novel in 1979. He published it with Gunzo and learned that he was in the running for a New Writer Prize.

i redesigned the penguin book cover to something i would love to have.

i redesigned the penguin book cover to something i would love to have.

And the man experienced this:

"Just when we were passing Sendagaya Elementary School on Meiji Avenue, I noticed a carrier pigeon hiding in the shrubbery. I saw that it seemed to have a broken wing, so I picked it up. A metal tag was affixed to its leg. Cradling it in my hands, I carried it to the small police station in Omotesando, adjacent to the Dojunkai-Aoyama Apartments (the present home of Omotesando Hills). As I walked along the side streets of Harajuku, the warmth of the wounded pigeon sank into my hands. I felt it quivering. That Sunday was bright and clear, and the trees, the buildings, and the shop windows sparkled in the spring sunlight. That’s when it hit me. I was going to win the prize. And I was going to go on to become a novelist who would enjoy some degree of success. It was an audacious presumption, but for some reason I was sure at that moment that it would happen. Completely sure. Not in a theoretical way, but directly and intuitively."