Day 057

A Card. A Text. A Letter.

May 12 2024. Sunday. SJ.

This is a greeting card.

Probably filled with words I didn't write.


and this is a text. it's likely mindless.

yeah. thoughts i share in-between being distracted by my phone.



SUBJECT: This is an email.

If you're reading it, then "intimate" isn't the word I would use to describe our relationship.




This is a note.

It's never anything too deep.

It's just meant to charm your heart.


This is a letter,
It can contain the distillation of thoughts that have been steeping for years.

It’s an intentional act, a laborious one, something meant for those I care deeply about. Letters live a peculiar life. They’re either kept and saved for longer than a lifetime’s worth. Or, they’re shredded or burnt almost immediately. The forgotten ones return to the ground as its writer.
Good letters are as precious as gold, because it’s made with the most precious thing: time; thoughtful time.

each category has a visual here.


and sometimes, there are no words.

because what i feel for you cannot possibly,

cannot possibly be described in one life time.