Day 056

Making Something New Everyday.

May 11 2024. Saturday. SJ.

I've been spending a lot of time at buildspace creating new things almost every week as part of my job.

But it's not until this year that I really dug deep and started to practice my own art in consistent ways.

Life is busy. Life is filled with so many random things trying to stop me.

Some of them are headaches that I've created for myself...and some are not.

another future book cover design.

I learned that there are things that I want to create (continue to devote time to writing my novel), and there are things I have time to create (whatever we call this).

And I have to remain thankful for the creativity and energy I have to make new things on a daily basis.

It's also through startwithdayone that I'm finding my love for apply graphic design to designing book covers.

The time will come. Just remain consistent in practicing.