Day 053

notes on flow state pt 1.

May 8 2024. Wednesday. SF.

flow states are a lot like the faucet theory of creativity.

i think this is likely true for highly creative acts.

especially things that require you to come up with something from nothing.

i think less about the dread of staring at a blank canvas or page.

it's the staring back that scares me.

designed this book cover for "flow." kinda creepy really...

it's not a staring contest i would want to win. in fact, it's best to lose.

you want to blink as fast as possible, and the best way to do this is to just start throwing stuff on the canvas.

it doesn't matter what it is. it just a starting point.

i think it's those moments that the gunk gets flushed out from the faucet.

then...something begins to flow.