Day 041

Missing Physics.

Apr 26 2024. Friday. SF.

I have been missing physics.

I graduated with the damn degree, and I spent about three years obsessing over some arcane aspects of quantum mechanics — specifically the non-locality problem.

Watching the 3-body Problem certainly doesn't help with this.

I don't really think I miss "doing" physics.

I miss the aesthetics of it.

I miss thinking about mysteries that are almost eternal and it was sort of my job to think on it.

I miss the feeling of independently coming up solutions that matched what the Greats thought of too.

But most likely, I don't miss solving for another eigenvalue.

this book cover doesn't exist. it's made up. like everything else.

I still miss physics book though.

For the next few days,

I'm going to design a few fake book covers for physics books that were never written.