Day 025

Delays. A Rat. Severe Weather.


Apr 10 2024. Wednesday. TX.

Today was a 404 kind of day.

So, my brilliant mind thought catching a flight at 5 a.m. was a good idea.

I booked a cheap hotel that was 5 minutes away from SFO to make things easier.

I stumbled into the elevator at 3:45 a.m. to checkout.

And I guess either the rat that greeted me was an employee,

or the hotel really cut cost somewhere.

I told the receptionist. I showed him pics of ratatouille.

He didn't care. I didn't have the energy to inquire more.


I left SFO early so I could have more time with my aunt and uncle in FL.

Fate had other designs: severe weather. all flights canceled.

Thank the lord that my cousin lived in Houston.

I crashed in the guest bedroom.

I slept.

I wrote an email for work.

I ate.

And now it's time for rest.

okay. kinda gross. but this was the rat…

or giant mouse?