Day 014

Today Almost Didn't Happen.

Mar 30 2024. Saturday. SF + SJ.

I almost didn't think I could do Day 014.

Certain days are just difficult.

Difficult to do anything.

And the morning I woke up to had its saturation levels turned all the way down.

And I remembered that I also toggled life to hard mode,

by committing to a project for 55 years.

the view from my bed…in my tesla.

I don't know how, and it's so trivial, but it sunk in that I had to live Day 014 anyway.

So, I just lived my day.

I got going at 7 a.m. to charge my car.

The day slowly dialed up its saturation levels.

The colors began to pop again.

I recorded whatever I found beautiful.

I paid attention. I lived Day 014.