Day 002

Becoming Disciplined in Little Things.

Mar 18 2024. Monday. SF.

This is a simple site.

But it required a surprising amount of discipline.

I wanted to have:

  • beautiful animations.

  • music to go with things (which I will introduce later).

  • tasteful art.

  • etc, etc, etc.

And the thing is…

I am not a good designer.

I would do a terrible job at implementing most of those things.

I barely know the rules of good design.

simple yet beautiful clouds on timelapse.

But, the most beautiful things are often the simplest.

So I gave myself quite a bit of constraints for the design language.

  1. Only two colors are allowed: black and white.

  2. It cannot be image or animation heavy. Only one thing is allowed per page.

  3. There's a rough word count limit of 250 words per page. So you would never take more 2-3 minutes to read a page.